This section is specifically for small businesses affected by the national emergency

11/17/20 Governor Brown announces $55M in business support.  More info

4/20/20 Oregon Small Business Development Center is a great place for guidance.  They have also produced a flyer specifically for restaurants:  Southern Oregon Small Business development Restaurant Flyer

4/6/2020 The last week has brought several new options for small business relief.   We implore you to be careful.  Scams and fraud are real, especially right now.  Be mindful of fake websites, unsolicited calls, emails and texts, as they have a high likelihood of being inauthentic.

United States Small Business Administration Coronavirus Relief Options:

The IRS has information regarding tax relief:

Businesses can find more information at:

The government websites are receiving heavy traffic, so they will probably be slow or unresponsive.  PLEASE make sure you are only applying via real government websites.  Do not trust anyone calling, texting, or emailing claiming to be someone or soliciting help.  As of 3/18/2020 We have already heard of local (Yes, Jacksonville!) cases of fraudulent representation.  Please be careful.