Applegate Wine Trail

A 3-Day Itinerary Exploring Local Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Sunset Magazine recently referred to Southern Oregon as the “undiscovered wine region of your dreams.” This is due to our small, owner-operated wineries and tasting rooms and our incredible quality and diversity of wine.

With 18 wineries there are many options in planning a wine tasting itinerary and the Applegate Wine Trail can easily take several days to cover just the wineries with regular tasting room hours. Breaking it down by clusters is a fun way to minimize drive-time and not go into sensory overload. Check out the three days planned itinerary below for a great time in Southern Oregon’s wine country!

First you want to head out on a lovely drive to Cowhorn Vineyards – a bio-dynamic and certified organic vineyard and winery with superb blends. This is one you will be telling your friends about. On the way back in there is Valley View Winery – the grandfather of the local wineries.

Next you will come back through the little town of Ruch (that is pronounced “roosh,” so you can sound more like a local) and head north on Highway 238. Devitt Winery is an interesting stop. When you follow the signs onto the property you will feel that you’ve made a mistake and pulled into someone’s back yard. But keep looking and you will see the tasting rooms signs. The welcome may be slow in coming but the wine is well worth your time!

Then mosey on down the road to Red Lily where they have refined the whole tasting room/winery grounds experience. With several recent awards for their port and tempranillo this will make an excellent end to your first day. They also offer food options and in the warmer months you can enjoy your wine at the beach along the Applegate River.

Wineries in the valley are growing, stay up to date on all in the area to expand your day trip adventures! Also, twice a year, Applegate Wine Trail features an Uncorked event which give you a behind the scenes look and taste of what is up and coming. The Spring Uncorked is usually the Sunday before Mother’s Day and the Fall Uncorked is annually scheduled for the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Come enjoy a glass or two with us!